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The last decade, Peru has been recognised as one of the world’s best culinary destinations. This South American country thanks its position to its biodiversity, its multicultural heritage and its power to reinvent. Peruvian food has become fusion cuisine as it is a result of mixed cultures, an abundance of ingredients and various cooking methods. It has the power to transform traditional dishes into modern cuisine. Two Peruvian restaurants represent Peru in the top 10 of the world’s best restaurants.

With cevicheceviche, I aim to share my knowledge about the Peruvian kitchen with you and make our beautiful culinary cuisine accessible to everyone.
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"In recent decades, Peruvian cuisine has acquired an important international presence, thanks to the work of thousands of Peruvians, who found an opportunity in it to represent their country, spread their culture and at the same time make their dreams come true in the various activities the cuisine has to offer. Families who decide to undertake the dream of their own Peruvian restaurant far from their land, turning it into a small living embassy that brings Peru closer to its guests. A new generation of chefs who stand out in the highest culinary spheres, always including the flavours and knowledge of Peru in their culinary offer. Producers of emblematic ingredients of our biodiversity and identity making great efforts to be present in the most distant places in Peru, helping to show the authentic Peruvian flavour to the world. And of course, writers and researchers, who reflect on our culinary identity or who publish recipe books of Peruvian seasoning, as is the case with Katinka and Mi Casa Peru, the fruit of memories and nostalgia of Peruvian flavours impregnated with love, which they share with the illusion that one day, Peruvian dishes and flavours will be present in the homes and on tables of the communities that welcome them. For this reason, editorial initiatives such as those of Katinka are very important, in which traditional recipes coexist with Peruvian seasoning recipes as a result of their experiences and memories, because they contribute to spreading the diversity of the Peruvian cuisine in the world and because they are the fruit of genuine love for Peru" - GASTΓ“N ACURIO ABOUT MI CASA PERU
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