Cooking masterclasses and signature Peruvian recipes

Thanks to my being half Peruvian and my love for good and honest food, I bring a fun Peruvian experience to people. I develop recipes for restaurants and brands. I give advice to professionals and share my extensive knowledge about Peruvian food and ingredients. And last but certainly not least, I organise Peruvian cooking masterclasses.

Cooking masterclass

The cooking masterclasses are interactively two-hour experiences for consumers, corporates and chefs. Tasting, cooking and eating. Participants get acquainted with the Peruvian passion for food, the wide variety of ingredients, the history, fusion cooking in Peru and various dishes. I bring the ingredients and do some storytelling... you just have to cook and taste.

Catering cocktails and bites

I serve original Peruvian cocktails and bites for private and business events. If desired I also can give a brief ceviche demonstration. 

Recipe development

With recipe development, I bring Peruvian flavours to brands and restaurants.


- My cookbook Mi Casa Peru (april 2021) is an introduction to the Peruvian cuisine with recipes and background stories. you can order my book here.
- As co-author of the cookbook Cocina Latina (november 2021) I support the food projects of Wereldouders. You can order and support here.

Ají amarillo paste

Westlandpeppers makes this Peruvian pepper paste following my secret recipe. It's the only sustainable and fresh ají paste in the Benelux. The Peruvian ajíes are grown in the Netherlands with sustainable techniques and we don't use plastic in our packaging. You can order the ají amarillo paste here.

Peruvian food related advice

I give Peruvian food-related advice to media and brands, such as for the launch of the cookbook ‘Ceviche’ by Martin Morales in the Netherlands, various culinary events of Promperú and for content in newspaper and magazines.

Do you want to experience cevicheceviche or would you like to know more about my activities? Please do not hesitate to contact me!