Cooking masterclasses and signature Peruvian recipes

Because I am half Peruvian and proud of our rich cuisine, I bring a fun Peruvian experience to people. I develop recipes for restaurants and brands. I give advice to professionals and share my extensive knowledge about Peruvian food and ingredients. And last but certainly not least, I organise Peruvian cooking masterclasses. I work as much as possible with sustainable products, from local grown ingredients to sustainable printed branding materials. I try to encourage everyone I work with to do the same. Let’s shake the world and care for what we have left!

Cooking masterclasses

The cooking masterclasses are interactively two-hour experiences for consumers and chefs. Participants get acquainted with the Peruvian passion for food, the wide variety of ingredients, the history, fusion cooking in Peru and various dishes. I bring ingredients and we taste, I do some storytelling, there is music... you just have to cook and taste. 

Recipe development

With recipe development, I bring Peruvian flavours to brands and several (Bib Gourmand and Michelin star) restaurants.

Peruvian food related advice

I give Peruvian food-related advice to media and brands, such as for the launch of the cookbook ‘Ceviche’ by Martin Morales in the Netherlands, various culinary events of Promperú and for content in newspaper and magazines

Do you want to become part of the cevicheceviche experience? Or would you like to know more about my activities? Please do not hesitate to contact me!

Podcast over culinair Peru

Afgelopen week ben ik door Smaakmakers geïnterviewd over de Peruaanse keuken.

Meer weten over mijn favoriete food herinnering? Over de betekenis van superfood voor de Peruaan, over mijn kleine hustler tante en welke grote held bij mij het culinaire vlammetje heeft doen ontwaken? Luister hier!