Good ingredients

Online: Fresh Peruvian chili peppers grown in the Netherlandsand cevicheceviche ají paste - Westlandpeppers

Online and shop: Frozen chili peppers, various corns (shop and online) - Tjins Toko

Shop: Peruvian avocado, various corns, frozen chillies, Peruvian fresh cheese, sauces and corn lemonades: Asian-Caribbean market, ten Katestraat 40, Amsterdam

Online and shop: Pisco - Sterk Amsterdam

Online: Peruvian quinoa grown in the Netherlands - Quinoa Holland

Online: Wholesale - Rungis

Shop: Extensive range of fish in Amsterdam centre - Vishandel Tel

Online Peruvian ingredients - ImaSumaq.nl

Online: Dried and frozen products in Belgium - Mayta Boutique

Shop: Dried and frozen products in Belgium - Viva Latino Market, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Chaussée d'Alsemberg 46

Shop in Antwerp: frozen and dried chillies, frozen Peruvian potatoes, sauces and corn lemonades - Almacén

Food photographers I work with:

Susam Pang, photographer of my book Mi casa Peru and Cocina Latina

Sven Benjamins, award winning photographer of my book Cocina Nikkei

Gabriela Hengeveld. We share our Dutch-Peruvian roots and worked on several food projects. She made several food reports for media.

Susanne Stenge, photographer of beautiful portraits. She works for several A-brand media.

My favorite beautiful and handmade tableware brands:

Colorful and sunny made in Portugal, now in the Netherlands: ByJulia

Custom made for the best chefs, but also ready made for you, made in Amsterdam: The Bird Tsang